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One of Sun-In Builder's basic services includes obtaining the proper permits on behalf of our customers. Our established relationships with local townships often speed the permit approval process along for our customers versus obtaining your own local permits which can often delay the start of construction.
Permit Application Process:
  1. Sun-In Builders asks the right questions and gets the details needed for the permit application process.
  2. With our years of experience we are well versed in all local township regulations and requirements for a speedy review process.
  3. Permit application is filled out and submitted by a Sun-In Builders’ staff member.
  4. The permit process is a two part process consisting of a building permit and zoning permit.
  5. The average time for a township permit review and approval is up to 3 weeks.
  6. After Sun-In Builders receives the approved permit the building process can begin.
  7. Our average building time is 1 to 3 days of construction for deck completion.

Exceed Building Codes.
Some townships are more lenient on building codes than others, this can lead to approval of unsafe structures and more importantly lead to tragedy. At Sun-In Builders we always go the extra mile of seeking out and exceeding the latest updates to local building codes to make sure that you enjoy your structure safely for years and years.

Inspection Process – is a 3 part process consisting of:
  1. Footing Inspection – This inspection checks the quality of a typical 12” wide x 36” deep poured concrete footer.
  2. Rough Framing Inspection – This inspection consists of checking for proper span and width of joists and beams.
  3. Final Inspection – This inspection consists studying the deck to be sure it is built to local code and involves the following:
    • Checking the bolts to be sure they are the proper size.
    • Checking the railing system and decking to be sure it is built to safety standards.

Designing Your Deck.
Sun-In offers a wide variety of deck existing designs that can be adapted for any style of home. As an added service Sun-In Builders also offers custom deck designs to all of our customers who want to take their deck to the next level.

    > Click here for our Deck Design Template
    > Click here to see our Deck Portfolio
Your deck can be based on an existing template or completely custom. Download our template designs and show us your ideal deck - download template here.

  Demolition and Rebuild.
Do you have an older home or have you just moved into an older home with an existing deck that may be of concern to you? We'll make sure it is safe before you entertain on it. Sun-In Builders will be happy to inspect your existing structure to make sure it is safe for you or point out if it needs simple repairs or a complete demolition and rebuild. Our goal is your safety; and our experienced builders will make sure that your deck is up to code and ensure that you enjoy the safest deck in the neighborhood for years to come!

Every deck needs some work from time to time, whether it is a worn or loose board or basic staining. Making sure that your deck lasts for years is not something that can be taken lightly. As the saying goes you can pay a little now or a lot later. Guarantee that you pay a little now and get the most for your investment by providing your deck with the proper care and repair when necessary. Sun-In Builders provides you with the level of maintenance you need to make sure your deck looks as good as the day you built it.

Getting Started
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